Recycle Your Shoes!

I decided to re-new the love I had for my first pair of heels with the help of a few products.

The stuff

  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter Acrylic Paint
  • Glitter
  • Foam brushes
  • Hi-shine Glaze
  • And of course….your shoes


Step 1: Mix the acrylic paint and mod podge together and paint the upper part of the shoes. (I added the mod podge with the paint just to give it a bit more of an adhesive property). 3 parts paint/1 part mod podge.

Note: I waited about 30 mins before I moved on to the next step. This gave me the opportunity to gauge how much glitter us on the shoes. If you want to add more sparkle then simply paint another layer of the paint/mod podge mixture. Continue until you are happy with the amount of on your shoes.


Step 2: Apply a generous layer of mod podge onto the bottoms of your shoes. Then apply your glitter.

Note: After you’ve applied your glitter let it sit on the shoes for a little while before you dust off the excess. It will give the glitter more time to adhere with the mod podge.


Step 3: Apply two layers of glaze over both shoes.

Note: There are instructions on the can as to the application of the glaze. make sure to follow them throughly and always ventilate when using sprays such as these. Step 3 is also optional; it you are satisfied with the overall look of your shoes then you do not need to apply the glaze. I applied it because I liked having the extra shine and sparkle on my shoes.

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